Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Apple Cider Donut A Day Keeps the Lip Doctor Away...

I love the Fall!  Pumpkins, colored leaves, chill in the air, the smell of warm beverages, apples , warm blankets on cold evenings...I just love it!  There there is one fall treat that is just quintessentially FALL and irresistible!  APPLE CIDER DONUTS!!!!

 If you have never had one you honestly have not experienced the true meaning of FALL.  The best ones are served warm, the donut itself is not overly sweet , and the outside has a slight crunch or crust to it and then the BEST part, the glaze which is prepared with apple cider and then dusted with LOADS of cinnamon and sugar.
At this point your mouth is probably watering and you are also asking yourself, " What does this donut have to do with a beauty blog?"  Well, here is the answer.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a dozen of these fall wonder donuts this past weekend and when I took my first bite I realized something:  THESE DONUTS ARE PERFECT  FOR LIP EXFOLIATING!! YES, indeed!  The texture of these donuts has the perfect consistency to remove that ugly , dry skin that has started to form on your lips due to the change in season.  So there you have it! Don't feel so guilty biting into this sinful pleasure , think to yourself that the Apple Cider Donut does a body good:) Just try not to lick those lips when you are done exfoliating them!


  1. you are so right! That's brilliant! Someone should make apple cider donut scented/flavored body scrub, too.