Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indulge in a Lip of Luxury

Photo By Melissa J Hays
 So it's your wedding day and all eyes are on you.  There is no better time in your life completely pamper yourself and feel like the ultimate queen. You have secured your perfect gown to glide gracefully down the aisle. You have spent hours picking the perfect flowers , tasting amazing foods and delicious cake options.   You have the bridal party organized, music set, guests are beginning to arrive and your Lovely Locks are set in the perfect style.  While you sit back and take in every moment, indulge yourself in pure decadence with Too Faced's Lip of Luxury line of lipstick.

Drenched in shea butter, rich color, and diamond shine. This exclusive formula smooths out fine lines and creases while it pampers your lips with a fizzy and flavorful moisture surge of pure champagne essences. SO MAKE THOSE LIPS TRULY POP!  Favorite colors are Free Love and Sex Kitten:)

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