Monday, July 19, 2010

Beauty 911's: Quick Fixes for your Beauty Blunders. The FULL STORY

I had the great privledge to appear on Fox's Good Day Philadelphia this AM to do a segment on Beauty 911's.  Let me start off by saying everyone at the studio from the security guards , to the interns, to the crew and anchors are amazing.  I felt right at home and even a little like a celebrity:) I had the chance to meet John Anderson, Sheinelle Jone and the one and only Jennaphr Frederick.
They were all wonderful, engaging people.

So now onto some of the quick fixes for some beauty blunders:

Overdone Self-tanner

If you’re self-tanner application has turned out streaky or blotchy or you’re just feeling a bit too orange, there are a few products on the market that you can buy to get your skin back to normal.

• One of the best we have found in St. Tropez Self Tan Remover.

• For an at-home remover, take 2 tablespoons of baking soda, some lemon juice and a few splashes of water and mix together to create a paste. Use a washcloth and in circular motions rub on the streaked areas of the skin.

• In the future, make sure you exfoliate well and moisturize thoroughly prior to self-tanning; this will remove dead skin and create a smooth canvas and reduce the risk of splotches.

Irritated Pimple

Pimples and blemishes happen to everyone from time to time and often at the worst possible moment. Picking a pimple is never recommended - not only can it lead to an infection but it also can leave a scare and slow the healing process. Still, we’ve all done it before. So what do you do now that it’s red, swollen and irritated?

• Chop up a non-coated aspirin and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply the paste to the spot for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

• Dab a Q-tip with eye drops that remove red from eyes, such as Visine.

• To cover, dab with a thin layer of Benefit Erase Paste and blend outward with a sponge. Do not load on the product as this will make it look worse.

• Once you have blended outward, set the concealer with Makeup Forever HD Setting Translucent Powder.

• If you pimple is on your cheek, avoid rosy blush and instead choose use beige or soft brown shade and skip the shimmer.

• If the pimple is around the chin or mouth, try a soft lip color such as a nude or pinky beige.

Over-plucked Eyebrow

Whether you went a little tweezer happy in front of the magnifying mirror or your trip to the salon for an eyebrow wax went array, there is hope.

• To reduce the redness and post-tweezing or waxing bumps, apply a soothing cream. Tweezerman has come out with an AWESOME soothing cream that will calm your brows in no time.

• Next, temporarily fill in the brows with a slanted liner brush and brow power. Sephora has a whole kit, which I always keep on hand, the Sephora Arch it brow kit.

• To speed up the re-growth process, try one of the new brow serums on the market to promote growth, strength. Volume and length. I like The Brow Doctor or Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum.


While we all know the harmful affects of too much sun, it’s tough to completely avoid the outdoors, especially after this beautiful holiday weekend. If you do spend too much time in the sun without reapplying sunscreen and end up with a burn, here’s what to do:

• First, soothe the sunburn with a washcloth soaked in cold black tea- the tannic acid in the tea clams inflammation.

• Pat dry and top with aloe vera gel.

• As the burned skin begins to peel. moisturize twice a day with a gentle yet heavy-duty moisturizer like Aquaphor. Whatever you do, do not peel away the skin.

• Avoid damaging your skin any further, with a quality sunscreen designed for the face, such as Clinque Solar Smart Face Cream with SPF 50.

• To camouflage a burn, remember less is more. You may be tempted to cover your face with thick foundations or creams but it is ideal to a high quality, hypoallergenic mineral powder or bronzer. We recommend, Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Bronzer with SPF 30.

• Treat scorched lips with lip treatment and a tint to boot. THE BEST Product for this is Fresh’s Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment. I like Sheer Berry Plum.

• If there are any open blisters, do not use any makeup at all.

Clumped Mascara

With all the formulas out there, clumpy mascara still remains a problem for many but there is a quick solution to this common dilemma. The mascara went on clumped – now what?

• Wipe the wand lightly with paper towel, not a tissue.

• Start at root of lashes and swish up a few times. Try a lengthening formula as they tend to be thinner than volume-boosting formulas.

• If you get mascara on your eyelid, use a Q-tip dipped in little face cream or lotion and quickly dab the area.

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