Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fear the Beard No Longer:) ...Bring on that Moustache!

 Fall/Winter 2010 beauty trends are starting to make an appearance and it seems that a BIG Trend for Men is Facial Hair.   The Moustache, Goatee, Mutton Chops, Chin Curtain, Soul Patch , Fu Manchu and full fledged Lumber Jack Beard are all making a come back and fast . When I started to think about this new male trend I started to get nervous.  Why?

Well have you have tried to kiss a man with protruding facial hair?  For a sensitive skinned girl like myself , facial hair can be a complete nightmare.  I always tell my Mr. Wonderful that when he doesn't shave for a few days it feels like little, sharp mini blades are scratching my skin with every kiss.  So maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration but it really does cause my skin to get itchy and even red and bumpy.  I know that many , many , many ladies out there can agree. 

Tonight!!!! I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM!  I have been searching for a way to combine the HOT trend of facial hair while avoiding the feeling of daggers sticking into my skin.  I give you BEARD HEAD.  This perfect piece combines the best of both worlds,the look of a massive beard and moustache with the comfort and coziness of a soft knit texture!  Perfection!  I know what I am going to be buying Mr. Wonderful for the Fall!  Oh and ladies if you are feeling the urge to jump on this TREND WAGON...It actually comes in PINK TOO!

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