Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glamorous Prom Make Up Trends for 2010

Prom Season is here! Check Touch of Blush talking the talk on CBS3 on the Hot Prom Makeup Trends for 2010.

Click here to check out the beautiful models transformed into their Prom Looks!

Here are the details on all three looks used on CBS.

The 3 hottest looks for the 2010 Prom season are: Old Hollywood Glamour, Whimsical & Ethereal, and High Drama Edgey Smokey Eye.

For all looks, prep the face with a light tinted moisturizer or sheer, buildable foundation to even out skin tone and create a fresh, youthful base. I recommend Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($42.00 at or MAC Face & Body Foundation ($32.00 at – both are easy to apply and age-appropriate.

To cover small scars or blemishes, a dab or Erase Paste by Benefit will do the trick ($26.00 at

Also, use an eye primer such as MAC Prep + Prime Eye to lock in eye shadow for long-lasting eye looks ($16.50 at

Look 1: Old Hollywood Glam

The glamour of Old Hollywood never goes out of style! Looong lashes and bold red lips are key to mastering this red carpet worthy look.
- Use a light, sheer shadow, such as Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner by Benefit Cosmetics in Flatter Me ($19.00 at
- Now for the lashes. Lashes are great for a special night out, especially when you are getting your photo taken because they help open up the eye. Before applying, measure to make sure they are the ideal length; lashes can be trimmed before application. I recommend Ardell Fashion Lashes ($3.49 at
- Measure the strip of lashes to your own eye. Using small straight-ended scissors, trim off any excess from the outer edge. For a more natural look, trim the ends unevenly.
- Carefully apply a very thin line of glue to the base of the strip. Allow the glue to dry just a few seconds before you move on to the next step.
- Using tweezers or your fingers, gently hold the false lash above your own. Apply at the outer corner of your eye first. A stripped cotton swab stick will help you get the false lashes as close as possible to your own lash line.
- Line the upper lashes with a sheer brown liquid liner, such as LancĂ´me Artliner in Brown ($29.00 at It has an easy-to-use applicator. Finish with a few swipes of mascara.
- Now, for that timeless red lip. First, line the lip with red lip liner, like MAC lip pencil in Cherry, to create the perfect pout ($13.00 at
- Next, use a lip brush to fill in the lip with the red lipstick such as MAC Lipstick Russian Red or Ruby Woo ($14.00 each at As a bonus, red lips make teeth look twice as white!

Look 1: Whimsical & Ethereal

Inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie, this soft, romantic look focuses on flawless skin, alluring eyes and a natural lip.

- Apply shadow in a bright, shimmery pastel over the lid and underneath the lash line for a pop of sheer color on the eye. I like colors from the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette ($38.00 at Palettes are great because they offer a variety of colors in one set to play around with – a more economical option than buying each shadow separately.

- Then, I used a pale, shimmer eye shadow (White Rabbit, from the Alice in Wonderland Palette) as a cheek highlighter. Use your fingers to pat on the apples of your cheeks and blend.

- Finally, I topped her lips with a sheer lip stain for a demure but long-lasting lip. I used TheBalm For Keep Watercolor Lip Stain ($28.00 at

Look 2: High Drama Edgey Smokey Eye

For those of us that love to rock out, this edgy look amps up the drama with a rocker –chic eye and pale pink lip.

- Use a matte shadow in deep plum or steel as a base, then emphasize the deep, smoky eye with darker, shimmery shadow in the crease. I recommend MAC eye shadow in Sketch or Beauty Marked ($14.50 each at

- Line the eye with a liquid liner in black. I like a liquid liner with a hint of glitter, such as Too Faced Starry-eyed Liquid Liner in Restraining Order or Sephora Collection glitter eyeliner in Black for a hint of sparkle without going overboard ($17.50 and $12.00 at

- With a dark, dramatic eye, it’s best to keep the rest of the face neutral. A pale pink lip keeps all the attention on your eyes. Here, I used the ultimate rock star, Lady Gaga’s, new limited edition MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick ($14.00 at

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Give yourself a FACELIFT at home!

no knives required.  Here is an at home recipe that will give your dull, stressed and dry skin an energizing facelift. 

1 clean, new spray bottle
2 White or Green Tea Bags
2 Cups Hot Filtered Water ( you can use a new
paper coffee filter or bottled water)
2 Drops of Essential Lemon or Orange Oil

Let your inner spa guru skills begin.  Brew tea with hot filtered water. Let cool to room temperature; discard tea bags. Combine tea and oil in the spray bottle. Refrigerate and then enjoy!  Mist on whenever you want to restore that natural glow.  Bonus:  It smells amazing!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I am all for self expression ....

But, be sure you are picking a perfect picture, image, quote, symbol or name before you commit to that Tattoo. Why? Because they will be with you forever and they are not easy to cover up. Lately, I have been receiving many requests from my clients about tattoo coverage and I have determined that it is easier to apply faux tattoos then it is to temporarily cover a real one. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and lucky for me; my devoted hubby has two very large, very dark tattoos. There are many steps involved with complete tattoo coverage but the most essential is time. You need to allow yourself ample time for each layer of concealer to dry in between coats. So here are the ideal tools:

1. Kat Von D Tattoo Eraser Pencil (splurge on this, it is important)

2. Small Concealer Brush

3. Waterproof full coverage concealer ( two colors close to yours are ideal to blend)

4. Loose Translucent Powder. I like Make Up Forever's Micro Finish Powder.

5. Large Powder Brush

6. Lots of makeup sponges, I like the wedges.

Now let the process begin. Take the eraser pencil and outline all the dark/black areas of the tattoo. Use the concealer brush with a small amount of product and begin to brush the concealer on top of the tattoo until a full coat is covering the tattoo. Now gently blot the layer using a sponge, very gently, do not remove the product you just applied. Now let that layer dry for about 3 to 5 minutes. Continue this process until each layer has dried and the tattoo is invisible. Depending on the color of the tattoo it could take 5 to 6 layers of concealer coverage. Once the final layer is dry, use the sponge to blend out the edges. Finally, take the powder brush and gently brush on a layer of the translucent power to give the coverage a final seal and Voila ....your tattoo is disguised! is tough and takes a long time. Good Luck 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Plump or Not to Plump that is the question...

I am sure you have all seen the increased number of lipgloss plumpers on cosmetic market these days.  At first, I was skeptical but with a little research I decided that I think these lip plumpers are pretty cool.  Anything that keeps women away from going under the knife or freezing their faces with injections is great in my book.  My motto is " keep the plastic holding the cosmetics, better then applying the cosmetics to a plastic face".

So I dug in and purchased a bunch of very cool looking lip glosses with lip plumping capabilities.  I have officially tested 8; my lips have never been so plump.  One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the majority of the products that I tested had one thing in common; they caused what I call the pins and needles lip.  As soon as I applied these pretty colors to my kisser most of the plumpers caused some lip numbness and a bit of an uncomfortable tingling sensation except for one. One stood out like a shining star.

PURPLE LAB NYC has the LIP PLUMPER WINNER with their Huge Lips Skinny Hips. This product is great with a wonderful selection of colors.  It is a great gloss by itself even without the plumping factor but the plumping factor is a FABO extra bonus.  When applied you might feel an ever slight tingle but nothing uncomfortable in any way.  The gloss is long lasting, moisturizing , it leaves your lips looking and feeling JUICY.   I adore this gloss.  It is 100% going to become a purse staple.  I recommend buying one directly from the PURPLE LAB website because the website itself is a kick and so fun to read.  I feel a favorite line coming on, I really adore all of what Purple Lab has to offer. More to come...

*SIDE NOTE:  One that I must caution you about is one that I picked up in Target and you might be tempted to pick it up yourself because the marketing and product "look" was terrific! Sexy Mother Pucker for $8.00 at Target is one that you should steer clear of. It burned my lips incredibly for about 10 minutes and even though I saw some great plumping action it really was not worth it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who wears short skirts? If you dare wear short shorts...Outing those stubborn Ingrowns

We all do it.  Winter weather sets in and we think we will keep up on the tedious job of shaving our legs to be silky smooth but once the layers pile up on top of the legs we tend to forget. Hey, who can blame us?  BUT now it's time to sharpen those razors, heat up that wax and stock up on pink shave gel.  Daily or at least twice weekly shaving is just around the corner.  We all have our own techniques and tools to achieve perfect smooth, radiant legs.  Mine include  Gillette Venus Divine, Amazing Grace Perfumed Shave Gel and The Body Shop Divine Calm Body Oil.   Even with all of our tools and skills in place , shaving multiple times a week can lead to the hated INGROWN HAIRS. 

We have all had them and we all hate them.  Ingrown hairs can be painful, itchy and ugly. Thankfully, I discovered a product that can help keep that stubborn stubble from causing some big trouble.  Bliss ingrown eliminating pads.  These pads help to zap and nix ingrown hairs anywhere on your body.

 They even have incorported green tea extracts for soothing and oat extract for smoothing.  Pick up a box and they will really get to the root of your ingrown issues.

OH and that man in your life will love them too!  They sooth and help with those beard bumps that men struggle with!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mr. Sketch meets Ms. Covergirl

One of my absolute favorite things from my childhood is my memories of Mr. Sketch Scented Water Color Markers.  For those of you who have never experienced Mr. Sketch you are missing out. They are vibrant colored markers but they are smelly markers. Each one a different scent such as Pink/Melon, Purple/Grape, my favorite Blue/Blueberry and so on and so on.  These markers are great! Just catching a glimpse of the little watermelon man on the box of these little treats makes me smile.

While strolling through the aisles of CVS trying desperately to avoid the cosmetic's aisle due to the fact I am addicted to that aisle, I spotted something that forced me to head straight to the Covergirl section.  As first, I thought did they stock the office supplies in the wrong section of the store?  But NO! Much to my surprise Covergirl has come out with a lipstain in the shape of a MARKER.  Outlast LipStain Marker is not quite a Mr. Sketch Marker but none the less a Marker.  Of course I had to buy 3.  To be honest, the last thing I needed was another lip stain but since this product brought back such vivid Mr. Sketch memories, I had to give it a go!

Tonight was the night I broke into these Little Lip Lovers and I must admit they are just so damn fun!  As promised they applied beautifully, the point of the lip marker is great for lining lips and then filling in the rest of the lip to create your perfect shape.  The color I chose for tonight was Plum Pout and though it wasn't exactly what I had expected the color was great, more of a raspberry color.  One thing I really liked about this lipstain was it did not crack and dry my lips out as the night went on.  I also popped some gloss on top as the night went on and the lipstain continued to work its magic.  So overall, the lipstick as a lipstick would get a B+ but add in the fun factor and its gotta be an A ! Just watch your color choice because they are not an exact match to the description.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Fever Anyone?

While driving in my car today, I glanced down on the car thermometer and saw 63 degrees. I exhaled and quickly rolled down all my windows to suck in the day! Spring Fever hit me! As I perused the streets, I noticed that the same spring sensation must have struck many others. I saw sandals showing off fresh new pedi's, coats seemed to be packed away, and there were no dark tights, leggings or UGG boots in site. It seemed that people had a bit more "spring" in their steps.

Since the weather has finally started to become warm and people are having to shed clothing like my frenchie, Geno is shedding his winter coat, which means people will begin to expose their milky white winter skin. Now, some of you love that pale, never want your skin to see the light of day look but MOST prefer to have a little golden skin glistening in the sunlight.

We all know the dangers of the tanning bed and laying out in the sun for hours without sunscreen and we all know what can happen if you use the tradition sunless tanning lotions the wrong way (OOMPA LOOMPA anyone?) so therein lies the RUB no pun intended! Well now SOLERRA has come out with a product that can save the day! The Solerra Self Tanning Mitt. So now you can RUB all you want Cuties. This cool mitt wipes on streak free, silky, moisturizing, with a fresh scent and dries immediately. The brand new self tanning formula is built right into the mitt so there is no mess, no pumpkin hands and it is easy to travel with. So if you are eager to bare the skin and want that sun kissed glow, pick up this mitt!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Makeup ROCKS, Literally!

Music has always inspired me! I always love to have my play list going while working on my clients , I have done some of my best work while blending to Bon Jovi Blaze of Glory or Shadowing to Shakira She Wolf. It is also clear that music inspires other make up artist. Case in point the new limited edition Viva Glam Lipsticks from MAC inspired by Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga. I recently purchased both of these sticks and I adore them both, not surprising to me since I have jammed out to both of those amazing singers numerous time. If you have a chance and need a new lipstick you won't regret pick up either of these colors. As great as the Viva Glam's are , this blog is actually about something so cool that when I discovered it I got goosebumps with excitement.

STILA Cosmetics has created a way for Makeup to Rock literally. Stila has come out with a chic makeup case filled with lots of make up goodies including Stila's new One Step Makeup , which combines a primer, foundation and concealer into one product, an eye shadow trio, an eye shadow brush, a cheek/lip tint, and lip glaze in grapefruit. Sound great? Well to top it all off Stila has turned this make up case into a PORTABLE SOUND SYSTEM. The Stile Makeup Player. You can actually play your favorite tunes right from the make up case. It is compatible with any MP3 player including your Ipod or I phone and there are amazing speakers built right into the case itself. It is a perfect addition to any woman arsenal of makeup tools and accessories. You might even catch your man playing his tunes while he waits for you to finish getting ready for that HOT DATE! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gone Nude...

Gone Nude! BE-You-tiful with Reverse Lip Liner. It seems that everywhere we turn the natural, barely there lip is trending. I personally have always preferred a lip stick to a lip gloss because I felt that gloss could never give my lip that perfect pout and gloss always seemed to just disappear. Well, things have now changed for me and my relationship with gloss because of one very special pencil. The Reverse Lip Liner from Cargo has recently been added to my BFF ( Best Find Forever) list. Line your lips from the outside in with this skin toned lip liner. It gives your lips a soft natural highlight, and creates the illusion that your lips are fuller. It holds the gloss of any color in place and prevents feathering leaving you with a clean lip line. This pencil packs one powerful pout! :)